About Us

Who We Are

Adlers Global Services is a reliable errand company based in Nigeria, to help Nigerians in the Diaspora plan and accomplish set goals in their home country.

We perform these tasks timeously to the client’s specification and ensure that all tasks are done with absolute trust and high level of confidentiality. We pay ultimate attention to even the tiniest detail in superintending over and executing our client’s tasks.


Our Vision

To be the most preferred Errand Company for Nigerians in the Diaspora through impeccable commitment and professionalism.


Our Mission

To strengthen the confidence of our clients by providing exceptional services without any form of doubt and in strict compliance with instructions, dedication and service. Where creativity is required, we work to surpass client expectations.


Our Values

The following acronym encapsulates the guiding principles that form the strength of our identity:


We offer Errand Services to Nigerians in the diaspora

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